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Farmacia (Estas Técnicas)
Farmacia (Estas Técnicas 2)

"The only failure is to cease to try" Ø
COMPILATION OF NEW AND UPCOMING ELECTRONIC MUSIC FROM THE LEGENDARY SOME BIZARRE! (Soft Cell, Einstürzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, The Grid, Psychic Tv, Val Denham, Coil, The The, Marc Almond). Initiated by Some Bizarre founder Stevo, this eclectic compilation collects together some of the newest electronic acts from around the world. With all tracks selected by STEVO himself, this album is a continuation of his personal crusade to expose some of the most exciting and groundbreaking music around!

A1 Fear Of Dolls – She Was Laughing
A2 Gl1tchg0r3 – Mental Police
A3 The Grid – Put Your Hands Together
A4 Risqué – I Want Your Number
A5 Figs – Neva Wave 4
A6 Mothboy – Movement
A7 Toykult – Chinwaggin Shit
A8 Euphoric Insanity – Jungle Cannibals
A9 Misty Woods & Warboy – Head Surf Machine
A10 Rev Spook – Spookz Tha Name
A11 The Knobster – On The Way (To Oklahoma)
A12 Pedro INF – Estrategia Da Aranha No Arame
A13 Kontour – The Kennedy Syndrome
A14 Gary Lucas Vs The Dark Poets – The Judgement At Midnight
A15 Farmacia – Estas Técnicas
A16 Brooklyn Funk Essentials – Bellybuttons
A17 Heraclite – Helios

B1 Lucid Sketchmaster – Contact Overdose
B2 Asymptote – Megam I Lion Dub
B3 Auxilya – Magda
B4 Fickle Mistress – It Is Machine
B5 DJ Swamp – Worship The Robots
B6 Guggi – Safe Mouse
B7 Odessa – Oh Billie's Day
B8 Sgure – Booyaka Vs Jalla
B9 Circuitry Man – Let Us Dream
B10 Gangpol & Mit – Balatchi Basquetcha
B11 Crackdown Featuring Andrea B And Division Kent – Superstitious
B12 Zqaty – One More Down For The Clown
B13 A Girl & A Gun – Beep
B14 Sudden Infant – Nag Nag Nag
B15 Satanicpornocultshop – Closer
B16 Kashioboy – People Food Not Dead Animals
B17 First Aid 4 Souls – The Golden Lord's Prayer

Farmacia @ MITRA Music for Nepal (2015) + Ryuichi Sakamoto, Laurie Spiegel, TheThe, Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Dave Ball, Wolfgang Flur, Billie Ray Martin, Steven Severin, Kirlian Camera, Naked Lunch, Anni Hogan. 75 Tracks Album


released July 28, 2008



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FARMACIA Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

Farmacia (Tecno-Pop Experimental) is: Ariel Sima (electronics, programming and instruments) + Diego Sima (vocals, graphics and instruments). Farmacia Booking Contact:

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